Huo Siyan modern short hair is more sexy fashion

Huo Siyan modern short hair is more sexy fashion
Has been to show people the beautiful long hair Huo Siyan the first bold attempt of the modern short hair look for a magazine cover large areas.

Short round Qi Liu, alternative unique, delicate facial features in addition to highlighting Huo Siyan, the light, short hair, gives a firm look Huo Siyan calm temperament.

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In the alternative style of light and shadow, the Huo Siyan temperament sultry, show to the public had never seen a unique charm.

A pair of orange eye shadow under the eyes blurred, so that there is a lazy sexy Huo Siyan. The pink lips, to sexy points, more womanly.

Short hair purple personality, demonstrates a low-key alternative.

Under the shadow profile, more prominent Hoath Yan Wuguan delicate and perfect.

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